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June 19, 2020

BOG #16 Success = Happiness

In this short episode, I dive into building a successful life. In my opinion, the more happy you are, the more successful you are. It's that simple. Follow along for more content here: https://www.instagram.com/bitsofgold_pod...

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June 18, 2020

BOG #15 RECAP // Bits of Gold w/ Lisa Jacobs

In this recap episode, I share the Bits of Gold from Lisa Jacobs. Just start: When Lisa started her business she didn't even have a name. She dove right in and committed to learning by doing. Be open to risk: …

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June 15, 2020

BOG #14 Organizing Your Dream Space w/ Lisa Jacobs

In this episode, I sit down with Founder of Imagine It Done, Lisa Jacobs. Lisa is one of the world's most well known professional organizers. We discuss her entrepreneurial journey, growing her business, and build a life and ...

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June 9, 2020

BOG # 13 Grateful in Grief

June 7th 2020 marked 6 years since my dad, Mark Goldberg passed from cancer. In this episode, I reflect on how my feelings have changed over 6-years. The pain of the loss never goes away, but it does change. In …

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June 1, 2020

BOG #12 Paving your Own Path as a Student Entrepreneur w/ Co-Founder …

In this episode, I interview Ryan Blum on how he paved his own path as a student entrepreneur. Ryan started his business in college after experiencing a less than stellar experience finding trustworthy housing during his seme...

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May 28, 2020

BOG #11 Conversations on Life and Business w/ Co-Founder of Seamless,…

In this episode, I interview Todd Arky, co-founder of Seamless, Board Member of Experience Camps, now EVP of Biz Dev at Sharebite, and so much more. We discuss Todd's grief journey, helping start Experience Camps, how he help...

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May 18, 2020

BOG #10 Finding Your Why in a 100 Mile Race w/ Jack Johnson

In this episode, I interview Jack Johnson. We discuss how he found running, how he faces adversity, and why he chooses to put himself through difficult circumstances time and time again. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and ...

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May 8, 2020

BOG #9 Living Your Childhood Dreams w/ Ethan Maccoby

In this episode, we discuss Ethan's journey through grief and business. Ethan has turned his greatest passion in music into an incredible business in Emo Night Brooklyn. Emo Night Brooklyn was founded by two best friends who ...

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May 6, 2020

BOG #8 Becoming a UFC Fighter and Living Your Dreams w/ Eddie The Tru…

In this episode, former UFC fighter Eddie The Truck Gordon shares his journey from watching a live UFC event to becoming a UFC fighter.. At a live UFC event, Eddie decided he wanted more out of his life and with …

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April 27, 2020

BOG #7 How Loss Paved a Life of Purpose w/ Liz Eddy

In this episode, we discuss loss, finding purpose, and Liz's new company, Lantern. Liz lost her dad at a young age and she has continued to live her life and build her career rooted with a deep sense of purpose. …

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April 24, 2020

BOG #6 Living a Primal Lifestyle and Growing From Plant Medicine w/ S…

In this Bits of Gold Episode with Ste Lane, we dive into the many facets of creating a healthy life. We discuss his journey into health, diet, fitness, and so much more. We discuss the differences between paleo, keto, and …

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April 22, 2020

BOG #5 Fleeing Odessa, Finding God, and Competing for Boxing's World …

In episode, I sit down with former professional boxer, world title challenger, and now boxing promoter, Dmitriy Salita. We talk about fleeing Odessa for a better life, finding religion, why bad things happen, fighting for a w...

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April 15, 2020

BOG #4 Creating Financial Freedom to Live a Life of Adventure w/ Ben…

In this episode, I sit down and speak with Ben Luntz. Ben Luntz is a partner at Indicator Ventures where he invests in early stage companies. In this episode of Stories of Resilience we discuss loss, building a career you …

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April 12, 2020

BOG #3: Building Your Dream Life w/ Dave LeBlanc

In this episode, I interview professional drummer Dave LeBlanc. We discuss grief, chasing your passions, building your dream life, and so much more! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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April 11, 2020

So Why BOG (Bits of Gold)?

In this short episode, I share what inspired me to start the BOG (Bits of Gold) Podcast. Simply put: I want to help you build a life you love. I want to help you live your perfect day. Join me …

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April 10, 2020

BOG #2: Gratitude During a Time of Uncertainty

In the first Bits of Gold solo episode, I discuss gratitude during a time of uncertainty. I believe gratitude is a choice and you can choose to be grateful for both the good and the bad. In this short form …

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March 17, 2020

BOG #1 Becoming Time Wealthy w/ Sunil Arora

Curious how to live your dream life? The answer is simple... become "time wealthy." In this interview, I sat down with Sunil Arora. Sunil is a professional coach for individuals and companies. He focuses on leadership and per...

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March 17, 2020

Bits of Gold Trailer

Trailer: Bits of Gold

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