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March 21, 2022

BOG #92 How to be Authentically You w/ Emily Miethner

BOG #92 How to be Authentically You w/ Emily Miethner
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In this episode, I interview serial entrepreneur Emily Miethner. We discuss the following:

  • How she chose a path of entrepreneurship
  • Managing multiple businesses at once
  • Working with her husband in business
  • Choosing to become more intentional with her time and her work
  • Opening her first Short Term Rental
  • Building a life she loves by being authentically yourself

Bio:Emily Miethner is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on community building, social media, and digital marketing. An award-winning keynote speaker and adjunct professor, she can be found sharing her expertise at conferences, events, and teaching courses, with 12+ years of experience delivering engaging talks both online and offline. She's the Co-Founder of Travel Cat, a global 7-figure eCommerce brand where she leads owned marketing efforts. In 2021 she opened her first short-term rental Kin House and launched a Catskills/Hudson Valley STR brand, Getawayupstate.com. She also founded FindSpark, a career community of 33,000 that produced 250+ diversity and recruitment programs for employers like NBCUniversal, L'Oreal, Hulu, and American Express. Miethner has been featured on Good Morning America and in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Glamour, among others.

Emily's LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/emilymiethner/

Travel Cat:https://yourcatbackpack.com/

Kin House - Getaway Upstate:https://getawayupstate.com/

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