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Sept. 20, 2021

BOG # 80 Celebrating Life w/ Olivia Young

BOG # 80 Celebrating Life w/ Olivia Young

Today, my guest is Olivia Young, founder of Box and Flow, the first fitness studio focusing on the integration of fight and flow. 

Olivia started her career in the hospitality space, but ultimately decided to pursue her dreams and passions of fitness with opening Box and Flow.

(I’ve been to Box and Flow many times and I can personally say that studio was a special place and more than just an amazing workout.)

Only 3 weeks after opening her flagship studio, she had to close the doors due to COVID. 

In this episode we dive into both Olivia’s personal and professional journey and explore how she’s navigated really tough times, how she’s developed a life of resilience, and how she is living her dream life.

Key Topics we discuss:

  • Opening Box and Flow and the importance of pursuing your dreams
  • Navigating closing due to Covid
  • Her writings on her past trauma and being assaulted 
  • How plant medicine has helped her 
  • Celebrating life no matter what 

You can read her blog post on her story of being assaulted here: http://www.livyoung.co/blog/myuntoldstory

You can follow Olivia here: https://www.instagram.com/livyoung/

You can connect with her here:http://www.livyoung.co/

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