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May 30, 2022

BOG #102 Overcoming Hardship & Helping Moms Build Resilience w/ Melissa Reilly

BOG #102 Overcoming Hardship & Helping Moms Build Resilience w/ Melissa Reilly
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In this episode, I interview Melissa Reilly, a mom of two boys, clinical psychologist, and parent coach passionate about helping moms separated from their mother by physical distance, estrangement, or death, move from feelings of insecurity, isolation, and overwhelm to a place of resilience.

Through her personal and professional experience, she has come to recognize that Moms without a mom experience grief as part of their motherhood experience, even if they don’t realize it. The relationship moms have had (or didn’t have) with their mothers impacts how they see themselves but doesn’t define them. She believes it isn’t knowledge and skills that create resilience, but rather it is born through overcoming hardship, having a community, and living by one’s values. She is honored to walk with moms on their journey to becoming the mom they always wanted to be. Melissa’s psychological practice, Shoudt & Reilly Psychological Services has been serving residents of Berks County, Pennsylvania for over 22 years.

She is now expanding her services to include parent coaching focusing on Moms Without a Mom which can be accessed by women all over the world through her website momswithoutamom.com

Connect with Melissa here:




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