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Fantastic & Authentic Show

I’ve known Danny for years and I’m so happy he started Bits of Gold. Danny comes from an honest, raw and authentic place which translates over into making his guests feel comfortable and great conversation. It feels like you’re listening to 2 people talking and you’re in the same room just listening. Keep up the great work brother! You’ve got a new fan of the show over here.


Danny has a unique way of making one feel that they are a part of the interview. The conversations are real and incredibly motivating. I leave each podcast feeling that I can better myself by taking a Bit of Gold that has been offered. Danny’s personal story is one for the ages and the fact that he can have a positive impact on others is amazing. His guest list keeps getting better and better. It’s awesome how each guest seems to be his life long friend as their conversations just easily flow which makes listening that much more entertaining.

Amazing Show hosted by an Incredible Human

Danny is the real deal! He cares so deeply about his mission and he is using his platform to better the world around him. His story is raw with emotion and his experiences have helped him bring out the best in his guests. He has a way about him that is extremely relatable and comforting, highly recommend!

Great place for those who want to grow and live life to the fullest

I came across Danny on LinkedIn and started listening to his podcast right after. The first two episodes I heard with Nate Randle (ep. #100) and Ben Miller (ep. #123) were so deep, insightful, and eye-opening, it just made me want to listen to more. Congrats to Danny on making a positive impact and keep up the good work!

Great show!!!!

The interviews open your eyes.

Amazing Show hosted by an Incredible Human

Danny is the real deal! He cares so deeply about his mission and he is using his platform to better the world around him. His story is raw with emotion and his experiences have helped him bring out the best in his guests.

Simply amazing.

An inspiring show for seasoned and coming entrepreneurs alike! Daniel’s perspectives, as well as his guest’s, bring clarity to so many of the challenges we all face on a daily basis. One of my new favorite shows without a doubt!

Love your show!!!!

Thank you! I have enjoyed every episode I have listened to.

Great interviewer!

Daniel really seems to care about his audience. I loved his latest episode with the ChroniFI founder Ben Miller. The back and forth flowed really smoothly and it was life-changing content. It’s hard to find stuff that feels “real” now-a-days, but this was it. Keep up the great work Daniel!


So awesome. Daniel me want to be a better person for myself and for others. Thanks so much for the wonderful thoughtful content!

Amazing podcast!!!

Clear, engaging and - most important - actionable information. It can literally change your life.


Amazing podcast that is inspiring with relevant guests! I love listening on my long commutes, thank you!

Great Interviewer

Daniel’s style is excellent - he brings a perfect amount of his own experience and wisdom to the show while making way for the guest to be the star. Great mission, thanks for creating this, Daniel!

Very Enjoyable!@

Really love the podcast. Has a nice mix of self development, business and health tips. Keep up the good work!

Great Podcast!!!!

Love this podcast !Daniel always talks about some great topics! Super inspirational!

Great podcast

Danny is an amazing interviewer and conversationalists. This podcast is solid Gold no bits here.

Great podcast!!!

love the show! Keep up the good work.

Thought provoking conversations

I first tuned in while I was weekend gardening and I’m hooked. It’s the kind of podcast where you feel like you are sitting with a friend and a cup of tea discussing meaningful life and work ideas

Remarkable balance between business and living with purpose

Great Podcasts! Very well organized and with the perfect balance between business and fully-living live topics.

Important topics!

I’m loving this so far. Great reminders to live fully and embrace what we have today.

Top notch

Dan has a gift for bringing out the nuggets of wisdom in his guests. He’s professional and super down to earth! His podcast is full of good stuff for everyone!


Such a genuine voice! This is a must listen podcast, be sure to check out episode 100!


Love this podcast and the people you choose to bring on it. Will keep coming back!

Awesome podcast! Great Interviews!

Being a listener when this podcast started im so happy to continue listening and watch this podcast evolve! The interviews are awesome with inspiring and relateable stories, that are a must listen for anyone who has been through some type of adversity!!! Keep up the great work Danny!!

Thanks Danny!

Danny, truly loved being your guest and thanks for sharing my story! Bob Goulet

Passion for Service!

I got to know Dan a little through email prior to guesting, and through our stories of grief, we connected. Dan is passionate about sharing inspiring stories and through engaging conversation with people of all walks of life, we all can learn from one another through Bits of Gold.

Inspiring interviews

Dan is a great interviewer and brings on some really interesting guests with inspiring stories. I always enjoy listening to these drops!


Danny is that. He’s open about his experiences and uses his passion and his desire to make a difference in people’s lives to his advantage as an interviewer. I really enjoyed being a guest on his show and have subscribed so that I can listen to back episodes when I’m out on a bike ride or run. Very inspiring guests…you’ll want to keep coming back for more.

Insights and Actions!

Love everything about that this podcast! Dan is so good at what he does and manages to shape the conversation in a way that gets the inspiring and motivational story out but also does an amazing job of making it very tactical and tangible for those listening. Highly recommend!

Engaging, thought provoking, and accessible!

Danny does a masterful job of engaging his guests in fun and casual conversation to explore deep topics and personal stories. In this age of so many great podcasts, this one stands out for being thought provoking in a very accessible way.