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Aug. 23, 2021

BOG # 77 Redefining Happiness w/ Wiley Cerilli

BOG # 77 Redefining Happiness w/ Wiley Cerilli

Today my guest is Wiley Cerilli

Wiley is an entrepreneur, board member of Experience Camps, and friend.

Wiley is actually the person who recruited me to Experience Camps almost 7 years ago following losing my dad and I will be forever grateful for him for that as that organization has not only helped me, but has given me a larger purpose and personal mission to help kids who have lost a loved one. 

Wiley started Single Platform which was acquired some years back from Constant Contact.

He went on to become an active board member of Experience Camps a free one week camp for kids who have lost a loved one.

Wiley lost his dad while in high school and his loss has forever impacted his life. 

Today Wiley is focused on living a happy life, focused on his family, close friends, and his newborn son Matteo.

I really enjoyed hearing how Wiley’s perspective on life and business has evolved over the years and how he is laser focused on building a happy life with the people that matter most.

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