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Sept. 19, 2022

BOG #119 Delivering Value in The Hardest of Times w/ Garrett Ozar

BOG #119 Delivering Value in The Hardest of Times w/ Garrett Ozar

What You Will Learn:

  • How to build your life with intention
  • How to come up with ideas worth pursuing
  • How to think about delivering value to people
  • The power of pursuing an idea with purpose
  • How to be grateful for all of life


Garrett Ozar is the father to Everly (3), who survived grade IV (Glioblastoma) brain cancer at birth.

Garrett is the Co-Founder of Eterneva: a company that brings brightness and meaning to loss by delivering an experience that unlocks a positive way forward. Eterneva turns the carbon in someone’s ashes or hair into a diamond as a memorial for the family.

Garrett is also the Co-Founder of Foreverly Fulfillment: a 3PL that provides job opportunities for parents of patients at St Jude Children’s Hospital- where Everly was treated.

Prior to these ventures, Garrett founded Ampcaddy: a bluetooth speaker designed to bring music to the golf course.

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